September 12th - July 24th, 2018

September 2017

KidLife 2017-2018

September 13th - May 30th, 2018

Please use this form to sign up all school age children 4 years through 5th grade, who will be attending KidLife in September 2017. Parents of 4 year old's and Kindergarten children are asked to stay on campus. You are invited to serve alongside us or attend a Life Group on campus during that time. Nursery care will be provided for parents who are volunteering with KidLife.

September 2017

KidLife Volunteers 2017-2018

September 13th - May 30th, 2018

WE NEED YOU!!!! We have a variety of ways to be involved as a volunteer on Wednesday nights from small-group leaders to the kitchen team. This is an awesome place to get plugged in and connected with our community as you share God's love with our 1st B families.

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Mentor/Tutor a Student

December 1st - June 15th, 2018

Students across Lane County are in need of a mentor or tutor.

FBC partners with Guy Lee Elementary School, Agnes Stewart Middle School, and Monroe Middle School. If you're interested in learning more about how you can get involved, sign up to let us know. We'll connect you with a school.

Background check by the school district will be requested

Times will be based on your availability

When Life Hurts

January 3rd - February 18th, 2018

This 5-week class (for women only) offers a meaningful opportunity to deal with key issues today including pornography, suicide, sexuality and gender identity issues, self-harm, and sexual abuse. Its aim is to help those seeking healing to find hope in a safe environment and to better equip those who have a desire to minister to those in pain. Taught by Mary Cross, beginning Sun, Jan 21 (thru Feb 18) from 11:30 am to 12:45 pm in Room 215.

Hope For Wives - Betrayed Hearts

January 3rd - December 18th, 2019


Why Do You Believe That? by Mary Jo Sharp

January 9th - February 20th, 2018


Tuesday morning - Women's BIble Study

Study Focus: Gain understanding and skill in sharing Jesus effectively with others.

All Things New (The Journey)

January 9th - May 1st, 2018


Tuesday morning Bible study for moms of young children.

Study Focus: Because of Jesus - the old has gone; the new has come!

The Book of Ephesians by Eddie Rasnake (The Quest)

January 9th - April 17th, 2018


Tuesday morning Bible study for men & women

Teacher Marla Tokatly

Study Focus: We can walk with God in victory!

The Parables of Jesus by Dottie Martin

January 9th - March 20th, 2018


Tuesday morning - Women's Bible Study

Study Focus: Learn from Jesus' teachings. We will spend eternity with Him. Don't we want to know Him as well as we can? He is coming soon!


January 9th - April 10th, 2018


James, Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore

January 9th - April 24th, 2018


Tuesday evening - Women's Bible Study

Study Focus: Practical ways to put your faith into action!

Button Pushers

January 9th - February 13th, 2018


Living Free- For Women Only

January 9th - July 31st, 2018

Life Losses and Grief Seminar

January 9th - February 20th, 2018


DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K)

January 9th - April 17th, 2018

$0 - $15

Divorce Recovery for Teens (DR4T)

January 9th - April 17th, 2018

$0 - $15

Sermon on the Mount by Jen Wilkin

January 10th - May 9th, 2018


The Gospel of Mark by Jan Schultz

January 10th - May 9th, 2018


All Things New - Wednesday Evenings

January 10th - April 25th, 2018


Wednesday Evenings - Women's Bible Study

Study Focus: Because of Jesus - the old has gone; the new has come!

There is childcare available for young children and Kid Life & Wildside for older children & mid-schoolers.

Safe People

January 11th - April 12th, 2018


Habakkuk - a study at Trinity House

January 12th - March 16th, 2018

Friday morning Bible study for college girls & women of all ages. Meets at Trinity House.

Study Focus: learn to study the Bible for yourself.

Does God Exist?

January 14th - March 18th, 2018

How do you answer this important question? While many of us might answer yes, can we effectively explain why we believe God exists to a family member, friend, or skeptic? Join us for this inspiring, informative, and practical 10-week video-based journey (with Dr. Stephen Meyer of the TrueU Video Series) surrounding this pivotal question and more. Facilitated by Bill Jensen and Ed Oxenreider (edoxen@yahoo.com) beginning Sun, Jan 14 (thru Mar 18) in Room 102 from 10:00 – 11:15 a.m.

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Snack Pack Program

January 26th - March 23rd, 2018

Hand out Snack Packs at Guy Lee Elementary School to those in need.

We need 1-2 people each Friday morning for less than an hour.

Background check may be required by the school district

Telling Your Story

February 4th - February 11th, 2018

Many believers can tend to think that their way of sharing their faith is to live a good life. And yes, how we live our lives is an incredibly important part of sharing our faith; however, the Bible is clear that we all have a responsibility to share the Good News of Jesus in words as well. One of the most powerful tools you have in sharing Jesus with others is your own story with Jesus. Join us for an exciting and intriguing 2-week adventure aimed at helping you learn how to tell others about how Jesus has given you eternal life and how He has changed you and continues to change you. Taught by Pastor Corey Rose, beginning Sun, Feb 4 (thru Feb 11) from 10:00 – 11:15 a.m. in Room 103.

Middle School Winter Wonderland Weekend

February 9th - February 11th, 2018


Friday, February 9th 4:30pm- Sunday, February 11th 4:30pm Pick up and drop off at Eugene FBC Cost: $79

Understanding Baptism (Feb 25)

February 25th, 2018

An informal 45-minute class for those interested in being baptized, or in knowing what the Bible teaches about the significance of baptism. Taught by Pastor Jacob Jacobson and Pastor Rich Minkler on Sun, Jan 21, and again on Sun, Feb 25 in Room 127 from 11:30 am – 12:15 pm.

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Staff Appreciation Breakfast

April 4th, 2018

Giving encouragement and appreciation to the staff of Monroe Middle School.

We are looking for volunteers to prepare and bring breakfast for the staff in the morning. The date is tbd, but will be the week after Spring Break.

Chained No More - Monday Evenings

September 10th - December 3rd, 2018


Chained No More - Wednesday Morning

September 12th - December 19th, 2018